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Which tools are most often used by marketers?

The network diagrams above reveal the relationships between martech categories.

    • Circle size shows how often a category shows up in stacks.

    • Lines are thicker and shorter between categories that often show up together in stacks.

    • The opposite is also true: lines are thinner and longer between categories that rarely show up together in stacks.

For example, look at the diagram above:

  • Take Search & Social Advertising in the center of the Martech Cloud, like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. The category is well presented in stacks (circle size), and shows up frequently with many other categories (many thick lines).

  • Take Vendor Analysis (bottom right), like Gartner, Forrester, G2Crowd, GetApp, Trustradius, etc. The category is well presented in stacks (circle size), but there is no specific category it is used frequently with (many thin lines). This explains the peripheral position of Vendor Analysis.

The diagram below shows the relationships between martech categories in a different way, on the well-known 6-column martech landscape.

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