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Learn to create a Martech Strategy, about new trends & tools, find gaps & overlaps in your stack, find the right tools from 7,040 in 3 steps, learn from 200+ marketing peers

What Our Participants Say

“Martech Academy Rocks!”

Hans Zahn, University Lecturer

“It helped me to get a feel for the process of Goals to Tools”

Jorge Araluce, VC and startup director

“If you’re thinking about implementing MarTech, do not hesitate, go visit Frans of MarTech Tribe first”

Huib Stad, Founder at Rolling the City

“MartechAcademy takes you by the hand, so you can explore and capitalize on MarTech’s potential”

Marinka Eekman, Freelance Marketing & Comms Manager

“With this training the MarTechAcademy provides hands-on tools to align strategy, teams and technology which you can apply immediately. Recommended!”

Maarten Rijswijk, Martech Consultant

“Frans is very knowledgeable on Martech. The Martech Framework will really help to get an understanding of your business position and get business success”

Richard Nijhoff, Technologist and business developer

“Democratized and decentralized MarTech is the future! Thank you for being our inspiring guide on this journey, Frans!”

Gidion Peters, Agile Author & leader

“Great vibes indeed! Thanks Frans and Mike for having us and sharing the love for Marketing Technology. Definitely coming back for more!”

Roel Seegers, Comms, Inbound and Martech