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CRM Supercharger is a natively built AI tool embedded in your CRM system. Artificial Intelligence detects top opportunities and recommends the next best action & content. A visual overview shows engagement levels and buyer readiness of each stakeholder.

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Key Benefits

Why work with MartechTribe?

MartechTribe is a certified Accent partner. We bring marketing content to the sales conversation. After selecting the right content pool and embedding it into your CRM, we increase conversions and sales productivity.

“Now all sales activity data is automatically entered into our CRM so reps can focus on selling.”

VP Sales, Solution provider

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How does Accent CRM Supercharger work?

Buying rooms

Visualize engagements between client and sales reps in one clear overview. See who is talking to who, and who to persuade next. CRM Supercharger automatically tracks engagement activities from account data, Email, calls, meetings and external sources.

AI driven

Machine learning is based on customizable best practice models, combined with customer specific historical data. This unique combination delivers benefits of opportunity & account scoring from day one.

Guided selling

Real-time notifications and content recommendations are directly pushed to the reps’ CRM dashboard. Your follow-up has never been easier and more to the point.

Onboard while implementing

Our onboarding and proven templates are focused on getting your team up to speed in no time. With our agile approach we deliver weekly results and show progress to management.

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