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What Our Attendees Say

Thanks, Frans. Impressive and packed presentation. Very deep. Will absolutely keep all this in mind.”

Matthias Kistler, Global Digital Distribution & Marketing Professional, RTL Deutschland

“You put great structure to MarTech landscape and much more. Thank you for that!”

Łukasz Maroszczyk , Global B2B Digital Marketing Activation Lead, Signify (Philips)

“Very thought provoking and useful tools indeed.”

Chris Cave, Digital Marketing, Total UK

“I saw your presentation today at DMWF and it was really great.”

Raoul Manten, Sr. Product Manager,

“Thanks very much for the interesting presentation today at the DMWF Amsterdam. Is there a chance (..) to share it with further stakeholders in our company?”

Christiane Frisch, Manager Digital Marketing, Kia Motors

“Hi Frans…. Was great!”

Nikki Constantine, Digital Transformation, Communication & Branding, Liberty Global

“Thank you very much for the inspiring presentation yesterday. I truly enjoyed it!”

Kasper Otto Kaas, Global Brand Creation Manager, Philips

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What Our Participants Say

“Martech Academy Rocks!”

Hans Zahn, University Lecturer

“It helped me to get a feel for the process of Goals to Tools”

Jorge Araluce, VC and startup director

“If you’re thinking about implementing MarTech, do not hesitate, go visit Frans of MarTech Tribe first”

Huib Stad, Founder at Rolling the City

“MartechAcademy takes you by the hand, so you can explore and capitalize on MarTech’s potential”

Marinka Eekman, Freelance Marketing & Comms Manager

“With this training the MarTechAcademy provides hands-on tools to align strategy, teams and technology which you can apply immediately. Recommended!”

Maarten Rijswijk, Martech Consultant

“Frans is very knowledgeable on Martech. The Martech Framework will really help to get an understanding of your business position, and how you can leverage Martech to get business success”

Richard Nijhoff, Technologist and business developer

“Democratized and decentralized MarTech is the future! Thank you for being our inspiring guide on this journey, Frans!”

Gidion Peters, Agile Author & leader

“Great vibes indeed! Thanks Frans and Mike for having us and sharing the love for Marketing Technology. Definitely coming back for more!”

Roel Seegers, Comms, Inbound and Martech
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What Our Clients Say

“Terrific – I am infinitely more confident in our tech plays. I’m thrilled with the insight, responsiveness, creativity and affability you have demonstrated at every turn”

VP Marketing,
USA retailer
“The sprint chat really helped us answer our burning question to first fix our CMS or replace it altogether. The steps we defined have proven to be very effective.”
CEO, Financial Magazine Publisher

“You brought us a lot of improvements in the processes. The Digital Marketing report gives a snappy overview of where we are and where to improve our Martech stack.”

Digital Marketing manager, German B2B biotechnology company

“Your CRM advice really made a difference! You gave clear guidelines as to what features to look for related to the stage of my company and possible growth paths.”

Chief Executive Officer, Electrical Automotive company in the Netherlands

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Our Martechtribe team explored over 2,100+ marketing technology tools, integrated 250+ tools for 200+ global brands serving 2,500+ marketers.

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