The Most Popular MarTech Tools In 2018 – Research Results

Always wondered which marketing technology tools other companies are using? We did the maths and compared last year’s stacks to this year’s. It’s all the info you need to create the perfect stack yourself. Let’s get stacking!

The famous Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic by Scott Brinker grows about 50% every year. In 2017 it listed more than 5000 vendors. In 2018 almost 7000 vendors were listed. It is becoming pretty difficult to wrap your head around a number like that. And it’s even more difficult to decide which tools suit your company’s situation best.

We feel your pain, so we created something that makes the life of the marketing technologist a lot easier.

How martech stacks have developed over the past year

We counted exactly which tools are used in this years MarTech stacks, created by small agencies as well as big names like Cisco, Bizible and Microsoft. We then plotted how all the tools used in stacks fit the Marketing Technology Landscape categories and subcategories.

We can now tell you exactly which tools are most popular per category – what companies often use for management of daily tasks, for content marketing, for data collection, for lead generation etc.

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Although it was quite a task to count it all, we’ll present the results in easy-to-consume graphs and tables. Take 3 minutes to browse through the results, and you’ll know more about the state of martech than pretty much anyone else.

Here’s what we found.

The research results

Here are the 5 things we discovered:

#1. What stacks are composed of

#2. Which vendors are most popular

#3. Which MarTech categories are most popular

#4. Which MarTech tools are most popular in each category

#5. Which MarTech sub-categories are most popular

Within each of these chapters we’ll mention how the 2018 numbers stack up to the 2017 numbers.

We’ve even made a 3 minute martech maturity test where you can discover how your martech stack compares to the benchmark. You’ll receive a personalized martech infographic within minutes.

Ready? Let’s go!

#1. What stacks are composed of

This graph shows which vendors are mentioned in the 2018 stacks. As it turns out, 8,7% of all vendors mentioned take up more than half of the market. As you can see, there are some very big winners, and many vendors who are still waiting for mass adoption.

Here’s a shortened version of the marketing technology long tail, listing only the vendors that are mentioned more than 5 times.

Scott Brinker featured the graph in his yearly MarTech Landscape Supergraphic round-up post, saying:

We see this long tail in the products that marketers adopt in their marketing stacks too. An analysis of all the entries to The Stackies from 2015 through 2018 by the folks at shows that the head contains the most popular vendors in CRM, marketing automation, social media, and CMS categories – and then extends into a very, very long tail of more specialized products that are highly diverse from one stack to another”.

And here’s the entire long tail…. if you can even see it. Click to enlarge.

#2. Which vendors are most popular

No fewer than 83% of stacks now contains Google Analytics, which is huge.

#3. Which MarTech categories are most popular

#4. Which MarTech tools are most popular in each category

#5. Which MarTech sub-categories are most popular

At this point you’re probably curious how your martech stack compares to other companies’ stacks. Take three minutes to complete the martech maturity test, and you’ll receive an email with a personalized infographic right after.

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