What Are The Most Popular MarTech Tools According To 110 Stackies?

Always wondered how you stack up? We created a benchmark of 110 MarTech stackies crafted by 92 companies who mention 785 unique tools 2,623 times. Discover which of the 5,000+ MarTech tools they’re using, and how your stack compares.

The Marketing Technology Landscape of 2017 shows 5,208 vendor logos across 46 categories. It’s a 52% increase over the previous Landscape. How to find tools that are the most suitable for your situation? If only we could have a look at what MarTech tools other companies use, right?

Well, we believe that the MarTech stackies awards did exactly deliver that insight. A kind of popularity vote of your marketing peers in the field. Popular as in: most used in stackies over the years. With 110 stackies out there, we believe the insights are starting to get very interesting. And we are not the only ones having that opinion…

Scott Brinker on Boardview Stackie research
Scott Brinker on MartechTribe Stackie research

Let the ‘Voice of MarTech’ begin

Over the last three years (2015-2017), 92 companies sent in 110 marketing technology stacks to compete for the Stackies Awards. Time to update our blog post of 2015: 3 Things You Can Learn From 21 MarTech Stacks. We analyzed 110 stacks in total, which was, as you can imagine, quite a task. But a rewarding one.

We embarked upon a quest to find out exactly which vendors were used by these companies’ marketing technology stacks. We mapped those vendors against the famous Marketing Technology Landscape. Then, we mapped the tools from the stackies against the MarTech categories and Sub-categories.

Here are the 5 things we discovered.

#1. Which vendors are most popular

#2. Which MarTech categories are most popular

#3. Which MarTech tools are most popular in each category

#4. Which MarTech sub-categories are most popular

#5. Which MarTech tools are most popular in each sub-category

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#1. Which vendors are most popular

The 10 most often mentioned vendors are.

76%   Google Analytics  
65%   Linkedin                 
62%   Twitter                     
61%   Facebook
61%   Salesforce
52%   Wordpress
50%   Google Adwords
38%   Youtube
34%   Marketo
34%   Slack

  • In 110 MarTech stacks combined, 785 unique vendors are mentioned.
  • All stacks combined have 2623 vendor mentions.
    • 484 vendors are mentioned only once, which is 61% of the total.
    • 652 vendors are mentioned three times or less, which is 83% of the total.
  • In 110 stacks, no less than 76% of stacks use Google Analytics.
  • Only Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, WordPress and Google Adwords are used in more than half of all stacks.
  • The top 56 most popular vendors, which together make up only 7.13% of the total number vendors, are mentioned more often than the bottom 729 vendors, which make up 92.87%.
  • The stacks are made up of 23.8 tools on average, ranging from 42 for the stack Microsoft sent in, to the 7 tools Informatica and Schneider Electric used to craft their stack.

In this graph, we’ve only show the tools that surfaced five times or more in the stackies.

Mentioning all tools including the ones mentioned just once, results in a long-tail seven times longer! Admittedly, it doesn’t scale well in this blog format. Anyone in for printing a wall paper?

Click on the picture to enlarge

#2. Which MarTech categories are most popular

The MarTech Landscape is divided into six marketing categories, displayed as columns. Here’s how all 2623 vendor mentions fit into these categories, in absolute numbers and percentages. Some 600 mentions went to vendors not yet categorized.

#3. Which MarTech tools are most popular in each category

#4. Which MarTech sub-categories are most popular

The MarTech Landscape is further divided into 47 sub-areas or blocks. Here’s how the tools fit into the 10 most popular blocks.

310     11.8%   Search & Social Advertising
160     6.1%   Marketing Automation & Campaign/Lead Management
157     6.0%  SEO
138     5.3%   Collaboration
114     4.3%   CMS & Web Experience Management
102     3.9%   Sales Automation, Enablement & Intelligence
85       3.2%   Native/Content Advertising
82       3.1%    Social Media Marketing & Monitoring
80       3.0%   Optimization, Personalization & Testing
69       2.6%    Audience/Marketing Data & Data Enhancement

#5. Which MarTech tools are most popular in each sub-category

If you want to go into even more detail, here’s which tools fit into the 10 most popular blocks listed above.

Search & Social Advertising
Twitter 68
Facebook 67
Google Adwords 55
Gotowebinar 29
Instagram 27
Pinterest 15
Bing Ads 12
Adobe Illustrator 9
Linkedin Ads 6
Facebook Ads 5

Marketing Automation & Campaign/Lead Management
Salesforce 67
Marketo 37
Hubspot 25
Oracle Eloqua 9
Sitecore 5
Integrate 3
Leadlander 3
Activecampaign 2
Drip 2
Sas 2

Google Analytics 84
Moz 30
Semrush 13
Bing 6
Brightedge 6
Conductor 4
Screamingfrog 3
Spyfu 3
Yoast 3
Ahrefs 2

Slack 37
Dropbox 14
Google+ 14
Google Drive 13
Skype 11
Intercom 10
Box 8
Invision 8
Gotomeeting 7
MS Office 6

CMS & Web Experience Management
Wordpress 57
Adobe Creative Cloud 15
Slideshare 11
Adobe Photoshop 7
Drupal 7
Squarespace 5
Acquia 3
Pantheon 2
Zoho 2
Alfresco 1

Sales Automation, Enablement & Intelligence
Salesloft 17
Salesforce Pardot 16
Datanyze 14
Insightsquared 8
Yesware 7
Docusign 5
Pipedrive 5
Outreach 3
Savo 3
Cirrus Insight 2

Native/Content Advertising
Linkedin 72
Disqus 7
Outbrain 2
Amazon 1
Nativo 1
Reddit 1
Stackadapt 1

Social Media Marketing & Monitoring
Hootsuite 35
Buffer 17
Sproutsocial 11
Oktopost 4
Socedo 3
Ecairn 2
Audiense 1
Edgar 1
Geofeedia 1
Keyhole 1

Optimization, Personalization & Testing
Optimizely 36
Unbounce 13
Pfl 5
Sumo 5
Google Optimize 3
Instapage 3
Brightinfo 2
Knak 2
Usertesting 2
Baynote 1

Audience/Marketing Data & Data Enhancement
Zoominfo 11
Discoverorg 8
Builtwith 7
Salesforce Data.Com 6
Reachforce 4
Ringlead 4
Similarweb 4
Cloudingo 3
Datafox 3
Informatica 2

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