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Martech Scan

Ensure a future proof marketing technology stack and educate our team

Design a Martech Roadmap in 6 steps

Drive value by aligning your marketing technology around customer goals and business critical processes

1. Align Business & Martech Goals

Define success and find the goals that generate money and value.

2. Find Business Critical Martech Processes

Create value by supporting the money generating processes.

3. Plot current Martech on Best practise Canvas

Quickly find the gaps & overlaps in your marketing technology stack.

4. Prioritize Martech based on ROI

Use our ROI Benchmark database to distinguish Need vs Nice to Have.

5. Design Martech Roadmap

Create a sprint backlog of stack areas that deserve attention.

6. Outline Martech Planning 1-3 years

Create a sprint backlog to generate value first.

What Our Clients Say

“MartechTribe helped us to quickly improve our Marketing technology stack for efficiency and effectiveness , better aligned with the team and processes generating clear value for the business” 

Mayur Soni, CMO, Internet Solutions Ltd., South Africa

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